The PNW’s only professional double up contest increases AWS’ brand recognition


Description: As the internet marketing manager for Active Water Sports, I promote events for the company. On July 21, Active Water Sports hosted the inaugural event, Hangtime. Hangtime is the Pacific Northwest’s only double-up wakeboard contest. With this being the first event of its kind, my main target reach was Active Water Sports’ current customers. For the event, I wrote copy for the website, which was also shared on Alliance Wake, KATU, and other news sources. I contributed to sharing content on social media and sent weekly email reminders to over 14,000 customers. During the event itself, I live-streamed and consistently posted updates to Hangtime and Active Water Sports’ social sites so that fans that were unable to attend were still able to enjoy the excitement.

Goal: The goal was to gain multiple sponsors to fund Hangtime, have the event shared on multiple news sources to reach the largest audience and achieve a beach-full of attendees.

Result: The Hangtime sponsors – Yacht Harbor Club, Rockstar, Nautique, Alliance Wake, Ronix, Liquid Force, Slingshot, Elysian Brewing, River Pig Saloon – contributed a plentiful fund for the event that created a fun, successful atmosphere for attendees. The event was shared by Alliance Wake and all of our sponsors through social media. In addition, local news station, KGW, welcomed professional riders Kevin Henshaw and Brenton Priestley on the newscast to promote Hangtime. Also, another local station, KATU, featured a video on its website and evening broadcast. Finally, the beach front was filled with attendees beach towel to beach towel. However, the event is now planning ways to attract a larger boat attendee area next year.