Instagram campaign for Portland Bureau of Emergency Management

Description: For my Non-Profit Campaigns class, I worked in a group of five to create a social media plan for the Portland Bureau of Emergency Management that would raise awareness of the Cascadia Subduction Zone among millennials. We decided that Instagram would be our most successful outlet because it is proven to be the best social media marketing platform when targeting our generation. We created three hashtags, #ResilientPDX, #HalfwayThere and #KnowYourNodes, each with a separate purpose that would increase PBEM’s followers and engage those followers. Personally, I took a photo of my family’s vegetable garden to use for one of the #HalfwayThere posts. Also, I researched how to make a fridge out of terra cotta pots, recorded a how-to video and edited it using Final Cut Pro.

FullSizeRender (8)ScreenGrab


Goal: Our goal is to increase PBEM’s Instagram followers by 50 percent. Currently, the page has 64 followers, so with this campaign we hope to raise that number to 128 within the four week period of National Preparedness Month.

Result: PBEM was excited about our idea, however, did not use it for its National Preparedness Month campaign.