Infographic displays surf culture’s recent increase in popularity


Description: As part of my Strategic Communications class I created an infographic for my chosen company, the World Surf League. It explains the increase in surfers over the past 10 years, the best waves in the world to ride, which countries have the most world titles and how to practice outside of the ocean. In addition, I wrote a memo to the WSL to decide on the infographic’s distribution.

Originally, I used Adobe Illustrator and Piktochart to create my infographic. I did not like how it turned out, so I used Microsoft PowerPoint, instead. I created the surfboards using an outline of a surfboard and an image of each country’s flag. I combined the two images using Illustrator. The background image of the surfboards and the image of the wave were pulled from the Internet and modified using PowerPoint features.

Although opinions of the world’s best waves may vary, Transworld Surf posted an article stating its opinion of the 10 best waves, so I used four of those to highlight on my infographic. Advice for practicing outside of the ocean was from my personal experience. Finally, I found the countries with the most world titles on Wikipedia.

Goal: The goal of this infographic is to target young surfers who aspire to be professionals in order to continue surfing’s growth in the coming years.